Interested in all things design related, typography, illustration, digital media and some of the vintage publications.

Colour, shape and texture play an important role in our design work. 

Enjoying the potential of what can be done with slideshows to promote a company brand.

My background started with studies in art and design, traditional drawings and painting skills are a strong part of my design tool set.

What I like about graphic design is the ability of communicating by seeing the intrinsic qualities of elements and the relationship between them, that is different from what is just physically there.


Traditional drawing methods in my opinion are valuable in creating the visual, which leads to a final design solution



I have got an eclectic taste in music, enjoy keeping up-to-date with design development, comic illustration and walks in the countryside.




Are you looking for design solutions? Your journey starts here..

We offer free initial consultation as we love to get to know our clients better, building a mutual understanding, we might ask you to fill a questionnaire, (nothing too scary) as we need to find out more about the nature of your business, your competitors, what are you trying to achieve, what you would like your image to project and accomplish.

Are you looking for solutions to rebranding, printing, logo, web related issues, business promotion via social media, or branded giftware? We offer direct communication as we are an independent design business. As designers, our concern is to maximize communication through the most appropriate design vehicles. We are not a 'bang out' the design company, where we are concerned with mass production, we do not want to follow everyone else's style or fashion, we aim to create our own creative signature and make your design truly individual and tailored around you. 

As our mission is to promote your business, we will always be clear in discussing any details with you, if a project is doable and if we are the right people to do it. We might even surprise you with a quote that fits your requirements.

Time and cost reflects the final quality of work, we translate this concept into our quotes for any jobs required. We believe that design does not have to cost a fortune, but we certainly despise who offers cheap, quick design solutions with a cut-and-paste culture.

Any enquiries, please use the box below, contact us on 07821478220 / 07713835368 or email us at

If you send any attachment our only requirements are specified below:

  • text (word, email, pdf)

  • images (jpegs- full colour printing only, CMYK colour mode, minimum of 300dpi print size)

  • logos (as a vector with Illustrator AI or EPS, PDF or Jpeg)


My background is in British colonial and postcolonial writing, philosophy, arts and cinema. Content writing, creative ideas and everything graphic has always caught my eye.

What I like the most is to research and look into how things work, the inner workings and I apply this to my design.

Spent over a decade in business management, target setting and problem solving and the most important lesson I have learnt is that any business cannot function without people engagement and passion for what they do, telling your story and share your ethics with clients, quality over quantity and building relationships.

My design journey starts with a conversation, a sketch pad, creating a mood board, developing a grid structure, finding good composition.

My motto in life has always been keep it simple, less is more and go for it.

Be bold, be creative, think outside the box.

Love for cooking, photography and history