DESIGN: How much does it cost? Is it viable for any business?

November 17, 2017



Design surrounds us, it is an integral part of our lives, as it is at the foundation of the human faculties of creation and planning. 


Therefore, it is viable for every business, because its purpose is to inspire and enlighten its users. 


The picture on the left hand side (or above if you are reading this article on mobile view) shows how we, at sab8digitalmedia, develop design concepts. In both graphic and web design the flow of creative ideas are channelled into a purpose - making your

business unique, individual and  recognisable across all media formats. 


Uniqueness is achieved by the creation of personalisation. We obtain personalisation through content editing (written text, images, videos, charts/graphs); and by passing on a powerful message, which defines a business, its target audience, its values - ethos and its operational system.


Individuality is all about the creation of a brand. Branding carries the business objectives across to reach your target audience. It will create loyalty and trustworthiness. It is also what will make your business stand out and win over competition from other businesses.


Finally, design will help your business to built a recognisable image, which in turn will boost your sales. How do we achieve that? Simply giving your business its identity by utilising a variety of creative media to develop your image through design, which includes a logo and building your business around its foundation: YOU.

You are the driving force behind your business, whether it is a sole trade, a partnership, limited company, family business or corporate company. This is why our design always develops from a dual relation of question ? and reflection