DESIGN: How much does it cost? Is it viable for any business?


Design surrounds us, it is an integral part of our lives, as it is at the foundation of the human faculties of creation and planning.

Therefore, it is viable for every business, because its purpose is to inspire and enlighten its users.

The picture on the left hand side (or above if you are reading this article on mobile view) shows how we, at sab8digitalmedia, develop design concepts. In both graphic and web design the flow of creative ideas are channelled into a purpose - making your

business unique, individual and recognisable across all media formats.

Uniqueness is achieved by the creation of personalisation. We obtain personalisation through content editing (written text, images, videos, charts/graphs); and by passing on a powerful message, which defines a business, its target audience, its values - ethos and its operational system.

Individuality is all about the creation of a brand. Branding carries the business objectives across to reach your target audience. It will create loyalty and trustworthiness. It is also what will make your business stand out and win over competition from other businesses.

Finally, design will help your business to built a recognisable image, which in turn will boost your sales. How do we achieve that? Simply giving your business its identity by utilising a variety of creative media to develop your image through design, which includes a logo and building your business around its foundation: YOU.

You are the driving force behind your business, whether it is a sole trade, a partnership, limited company, family business or corporate company. This is why our design always develops from a dual relation of question ? and reflection <=> between us, the designers, and you, the client, as we believe in promoting you. As a result, we will research your company and we will ask questions not only to capture the unique traits of your individuality, but also to understand your customer base and their expectations when choosing your service or products.

The design process is an open conversation between designer and client as the use of colours, fonts, layout of elements on the page, any animation or video and any other content is created to reflect your individuality, your preferences, your values and your beliefs. As a result, a pre-made template could be a cheap cheat, but ask yourself, does that truly represent you? Is it really unique? The answer is -NO, because that template is missing an essential link of the whole design process: the vital interaction between the designer and the business. That interaction will lead, in turn, to a research process and creation 'from scratch' of your brand, where your feedback will help to direct the purpose of the design itself.


As design is a creative process, it is difficult to pinpoint how much you should pay for it, or how much a designer is entitled to ask for his creative wit.

The amount of money you are going to spend for a graphic or web design depends on the years of experience of the designer and on the complexity of your branding needs. A good working practice is to know if the design company charges hourly or a flat rate. It is also important to know if they charge for consultation and if a deposit is required. The amount you are going to spend is also determined by your needs, is it only design you are looking for or printing as well? Printing will always need to be added as a separate service, unless otherwise stated.

As there are so many variables, design companies/studios will normally give you a quote for each job required (e.g logo design, business stationery, leaflets, brochures and so on); some may offer free 30 minutes consultation and normally you might have to give 50% deposit up front. For example for a professional logo design prices could range from £350 to £1000.

Designers will have a portfolio of work they have done and normally they will present a mood board (see above pics we did for a florist business) or sketches as a starting point to gather information and develop the design. Visit our page sab8digitalmedia/design to see how we work.

For web design, prices on the market do vary, but I would say distrust any prices that go over the £700 mark for basic, brochure web sites. E-commerce depending on complexity should range from £200 to £1000 mark for small to medium businesses. Large businesses, whose needs are more complex could spend a lot more.

Finally, it is also good practice to try and work around a client's budget and be clear on timescales and requirements. If you would like a quote please drop us a line at or send a message from sab8digitalmedia/contact us.

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