Our web design is aimed at individuals and small to medium businesses.

We create brochure, content, basic to advanced  and e-commerce websites. Our focus is on creating a fully functional web, which facilitates your business processes.

Website design has become an expected and necessary overhead for any business to be successful in the market place. The investment in the cost of setting up a website, its design and upgradable qualities will be a worthwhile contribution in the long term.

We aim to help you establish a visually impressive website, whilst we will also give you the tools to be the owner of the CMS (content management system).


  How do we work:

Stage 1: Proposal

Stage 2: Wireframe

Stage 3: Site Structure

Stage 4: Design

Stage 5: Development

Stage 6: Testing

Stage 7: Launch

We do offer maintenance whenever your site needs updating, if you feel that you are not confident in attempting to do this by yourself.

Once you website is published live, there will be a need for continuous improvement as technology develops fast.

For more information get in touch at sab8digitalmedia@hotmail.com or call us on 07821478220 or 07713835368 for a quote. 

Basic Option
Brochure websites
up to 3 pages design
Accept online payment
Unlimited bandwidth
  20GB storage
1 year free domain
2 premium apps. included
No set up fees
Free hosting
Google Analytics
Mobile app.


£ 250

Brochure and basic websites
up to 5 pages design
Same features of the Basic Option plus:
35 GB storage
20 e-mail campaign monthly
50,00 promotional emails


£ 500

Professional store
E-commerce websites
up to 5 pages design
Same features of the Advanced Option plus:
50 GB storage
SEO expert review
Professional store review


£ 700

VIP Business
More structured websites and E-commerce 
up to 7 pages design
Same features of the Promotional store Option plus:
75 GB storage
Unlimited email campaign
1,000,000 emails monthly
Business solution pack


£ 900